Joshua Broccoli’s Bric a Brac

Hi, I’m Joshua Broccoli, and this is my Bric a Brac.

I’m a freelance writer with an interest in all kinds of kooky things.

I’m an atheist, but I don’t think religion is dumb. I’m eternally curious about the ways human beings have structured our lived experiences, and how we continue to explain our consciousness to ourselves and to one another.

I’m a sceptic, but magic fascinates me. Not magic tricks, but the practice of magic: “the occult”. The methods by which we’ve tried, over the millenia, to come to terms with what the world is and why it does all the things it does, and how – as much as possible – to control it.

I believe in science. I believe in the power of reason. I believe in testing ideas against empirical evidence. But I don’t believe in debunking and dismissing anything and everything that doesn’t fit into the patterns science has uncovered. Life’s too short for that and it’s all far too interesting to ignore.

Joshua Broccoli’s Bric a Brac is where I sort these thoughts. Where I jot down notes. Things I would’ve liked to have read about as I was looking into the weird and the wonderful aspects of human culture and civilisation.

If you’re into that, come along and enjoy the sights.

In my first series, I’ll be discussing the ancient and mystical art of alchemy. I’ll be following along pretty closely to E J Holmyard’s Alchemy – taking my cue from his exploration of the topic, offering up the snippets of esoterica he’s uncovered, and adding bits and pieces here and there from my wider readings.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into everything, you can find that bad boy on Book Depository and surely in many other places across the internets.


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